Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~ Goodbye 2008! ~

Finally... today's the last day of 2008 and we are welcoming a new year very soon! Again, it's time to recap what has happened this year.
  • I lost my scent of smell during CNY in Feb.
  • Denver suffered a head injury in May.
  • Went for our only overseas vacation this year to Malaysia with Owen and HJ.
  • Gladys started talking and calling us Daddy and Mummy before her 2nd Birthday.
  • Denver and Gladys first time out to the Movies and Dora the Explorer show.
  • Denver went for his first Dental checkup.
  • Our first time trip to the Singapore Flyer, Duck Tour, Istana, Marina Barrage.
  • Kids and me caught the HFMD in Oct.
  • Big Brother held his customary in early Feb.
  • Owen ROM in Dec.
  • Eldest Brother-in-law travelled to US for training for the next 1-2 years.
  • Andrea's Wedding in Sept.
  • Many colleagues left MSD this year.

We also spent some money on the following this year.

  • New Flat screen TV early this year.
  • PSP
  • PS3
  • Paint for the house

Well, from the looks of it.. it has been a rather unhealthy year for us.. but we had many first time experiences together. Hubby didn't have any luck on wealth this year.. Hopefully 2009 will be a wealthy, healthy and lucky year for us.

Every year, our RC will organise a year end party near my block. Again there are singing and performance at the stage. Children are playing with sparklers downstairs and having a lot of FUN! They are all waiting for the fireworks at midnight. :)

Time really flies.. My hopes for 2009..

  • My job will be stable and happy.
  • All of us will be healthy
  • Children will listen and be obedient
  • Loving family

GoodBye 2008!

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