Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~ Tiring ~

Hubby and I was on leave for the past 2 days.. instead of resting or going out to shop, we stayed home and clean up. Hubby paint the ceilings with sealer while I help him. The smell is really unbearable and after awhile it make Hubby want to faint.. Took us the whole morning to get the ceilings painted.. I help to clear up the mess, vacumm and mop the floor after that.

Before going for lunch, we carry out all the boxes of comics that has been occupying a quarter of my storeroom space for the past few years. Has always find them an eye sore cos I always wanted to free up more space but can't seem to get rid of them every year. This time, I finally get to return them back to their owner. :) But it was also a lot of hard work as the boxes were all very heavy and we have to load from my house to the lift and to the car.. after reaching the destination, we have to unload them from car to the lift and up to the house... We were very tired (especially hubby as he did most of the carrying) after that. We went for lunch at Blk 266 and drove back home to rest. Hubby had a short nap while I continue cleaning up and scrub part of the kitchen floor.

Due to time conAlign Leftstraint, I didn't manage to complete it and continue cleaning up the whole kitchen floor today.. I moved out the washing machine, fridge and OMG.. the floor beneath is Soooooo DIRTY!!! Splashed water on the floor and tried to get rid of all the dirt. I'm satisfied with the final outcome.. the kitchen floor looks so much whiter now. Afterall, it has not been scrubbed since we moved in. The after effects is a very aching back and tired hands...

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