Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~ Rush Rush Rush ~

Slept at 1 am the night before and didn't have the energy to work.. really feel like snuggling in bed. My phone alarm went off a couple of times but I left it snooze until it's really time to wake up. Scheduled for a meeting at 845am.. but today's traffic was really conjested. I was running late and had to make a run..

Spent the whole morning attending to meetings till 11am.. Skipped my breakfast, haven't had a sip of water and did not went to the toilet. I was really starving by now. Had an early lunch and quickly got back to work again. There was a lot of things to check, emails to reply, metrics to run and issues to troubleshoot. Did not manage to complete all the tasks.. I tried to run my Daily metrics report at 4 plus.. but it started to hang at the web page. Urghhh.. I had to rush off and complete the reporting after dinner.

When I finally finished my work and getting ready to take the kids home, Denver said he needs to bring some fruits to school tomorrow. So, we took him to buy a kiwi, pear and peach. Together with an apple and orange, he is bringing 5 different kinds of fruits for tasting in school.

Finally got home at 8 plus... had a quick bath and by now, I am really exhausted.. couldn't even keep my eyes open... What a day!... yawnz.

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