Thursday, January 22, 2009

~ Happy 7th Anniversary! ~

Today is our 7th ROM Anniversary... how times flies.. I met dear hubby when I was 20 years old, in my first job at AVS... and now 12 years have past. :) I have 2 lovely children and a loving hubby.. and so I am very blessed, happy and contented.

Hubby wanted to take me to eat something different this year.. Wagyu beef... we searched online for awhile and finally decided to have the super expensive buffet at YAKINIKU DAIDOMON located at Keypoint. The normal buffet cost $43++.. in order to enjoy the Wagyu beef buffet, we top up another $20.. so that makes it $63++ per pax.

We reached Keypoint and hubby drop me off early.. actually I didn't suspect a thing when he asks me to go to the restuarant first.. I waited for very long and was wondering if he had a hard time finding a carpark lot... Finally, I saw him running to me with a bouquet of flowers.. SO SWEET! Very touched.. I really didn't expect him to buy flowers cos the buffet is kinda expensive already. Thanks DEAR!!

Bouquet of flowers (12 Red Roses)

We were so hungry by then.. I delibrately had a light breakfast so that I can stuff myself with the food later... Looking so forward!! We ordered drinks and start to look at the menu and call out our dishes.. :D

First round! Prawns, Salmon, Butter Fish, Chicken Wings, Cold Tofu, Pork Belly, Onion, Beef and Chicken Sausage, Egg Soup with Vegetable, Pig Kidney and Liver, Marinated Raw Beef with Egg Yolk, Lettuce that goes with the beef... and of course not forgetting the Wagyu Karubi, Wagyu Nakaochi and Wagyu Harami!!!! YUMMY!!!! While eating, I try to take photo of all our orders.

Lime juice (1 for 1) and sauces for the dishes to come. :)

Prawns, Salmon and Butter Fish

I personally prefer the Butter fish as its really tasty.. Salmon is alright too.. As for prawns, well.. we are just plain lazy to take off the shells.. hehehe

Chicken Wings, Cold Tofu and Onions

Marinated Beef with Egg Yolk

Hmmm.. the beef is raw.. and after mixing with the egg yolk.. frankly, I can't recognise its the taste of beef! hehehhe.. but not too bad.. a different flavour by itself.

Chicken and Beef Sausages

Egg Soup with Vegetable

Pig Kidney and Liver

The sausages are just normal..nothing too fancy about them..As for the Egg soup.. Ummm.. so so bah. The only dish that I didn't try was the Pig Kidney & Liver cos I never like them so no comments. hehehe :p

Pork Belly

I think the Pork Belly was nice.. it goes well with the sauce and lettuce too. :) Not bad.

The MAIN dish! Wagyu Beef!!!

Here comes what we have been waiting for!! The Wagyu Beef!! We ordered all the 3 kinds of Wagyu beef to see which is the nicest and the conclusion is the Wagyu Karubi. :)

Ok.. maybe I Suah Ku.. It's the first time I am eating this kind of beef with so much marbling on it. Although may not be the highest grade but it is still delicious! Really different from the other beef that I used to eat. THUMBS UP! NICE!

Our 2nd round! We ordered Cuttle Fish, Lamb meat, Salmon Rolled Sushi and of course another plate of Wagyu Karubi! Yummy!!

Lamb Meat

The lamb meat was alright. Came with a block of butter and the fire was so strong when we BBQ it. :)

Cuttle Fish

Salmon Rolled Sushi

The cuttlefish was sliced very thin and the taste was not too bad. I forgot to take the Sushi roll when it was served. Cos I was too happy to see my favourite Salmon and almost ate them all.. hehhe.. left 1 piece for photo-taking. :p

3rd round, another plate of Wagyu Karubi and Butter Fish and we are finally settling down to our last round of ice-cream and fruits. :)

Wagyu Karubi and Butter Fish

Our Chocolate and Mint Ice-cream as well as fruits :)

Final bill... $154 plus! That's about $77 per person.. WooW!! Till date, the most expensive buffet I ever had. Well, is it value for money?? Ummm.. for the quality of the food, I guess yes bah. If you can eat more of the Wagyu meat, it will definitely be much more worth! My stomach was so full and I could hardly walk. Bloated.

We went to Funan IT Mall after lunch where Hubby bought a PS3 game.. We walked over to Robinson and I manage to buy some new underwears for Denver and a new sling bag ($25.90) using my Robinson voucher. :) *Happy*

Hubby also bought a pin-hole camera ($17.90) for Royston's birthday present and we finally headed back to my sil's place to finish up some paint jobs and had dinner. Couldn't eat much as we are still very full with our heavy lunch earlier. :p What a day!!

Thank you Hubby and Happy 7th Anniversary! LOVE YOU! MUAK!!

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