Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Doctor Play Set ~

We took the children to Pasar Malam last weekend and they had fun playing with rolling the balls games. Points were collected in exchange for a Yellow Ball which Gladys wanted. Then we head on to play the "fish a frog" game. $5 for 3 tries and each frog has a prize number in it. Hubby spent $10 and all the mini-toys were in exchange of a Doctor set for Gladys and Snooker set for Denver.

Gladys was so happy with the Doctor playset and she can't wait to go back home and play. The kids started to pretend as doctors and their favourite kits are the stethoscope and the injection needle. I had to be their patient to let them 'inject' me and also listen to my 'heartbeat'. (i.e. if they can place the stethoscope at my chest. Most of the time they were placing it all over tummy, leg, hand and even face. -___- Trying to be funny.. LOL)

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