Monday, June 08, 2009

~ Dinosaur and Ben 10 ~

June Holidays has started and this weekend we took the children to Plaza Singapura to catch the X-ploring Dino Trails exhibits. I thought the kids will be interested to see the Big moving dinosaurs since Denver likes it.. But apparently he is only keen on watching the show. :(

Gladys was a bit scared seeing the Dinos as some have sharp teeths and it's moving.. Everytime I want to take a photo, she will look back to check as if the dinosaurs are going to bite her.

Denver on the other hand?? Sigh.. Spoil sport. He didn't want to take photos and ended up with a grumpy look. Instead, Denver shows keen interest in the fossil digging and hubby bought him one small block of fossil for him to take home and chip and dig.

After lunching at the food court, we stopped by Suntec City for a walk at the convention hall and then headed down to United Square to catch the Ben 10 Omnitrix Overload 'live' show. We tried to catch the 5pm show ... but at 3 plus, there was already a queue! OMG! We went to browse around the range of Ben10 toys, bags, clothes etc setup at the atrium while waiting for the time to past. Denver keep bugging me that he wanted the Ben10 Transform Chamber (cost at $89.95) as his Birthday Present... @($(@* I said "NO". It was way too expensive and out of range. He would have to settle for another present instead.

At around 4.15pm, the queue has begin to stretch. We finally join in the crowd as Denver don't want to miss his favourite show. It was a looooong wait.. Hard to keep the children entertained while waiting... Finally, we were told that only 1 parent is allowed to sit in with the children due to overwhelming response. So Denver, Gladys and I managed to get a good center spot not too far from the stage. :) This time, you can see Denver's Happy Face posing in front of the camera!

The show started at 5pm and it was really exciting.. a couple of fighting scenes and the children were amused and entertained. :D We didn't take photos with the characters but that's fine. This show is definitely much better than the one we saw 2 years back at Takashimaya. :)

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