Sunday, January 31, 2010

~ Bye Bye Vios ~

Hubby will be getting his new car tomorrow! We upgraded from a "Manual Vios" to an "Auto Vios". :p Ok la.. no $$$ to afford a bigger/better one ok. At least the new Vios seems to be slightly bigger and its NEW!

Here's some history of the cars that we own before....

Our first car was a 1.5l Daewoo Kalos. (Chevrolet brand replaced the Daewoo brand and I think the Kalos is now rebranded as Chevrolet Aveo). We bought it in Year 2003 when Denver was just born. Unfortunately, this car consumes too much petrol.. we have to pump every week and it's ripping us off! Even though the car plate number has brought us some luck, we can't maintain it in a long run. Hence it was sold off after 2 years in 2005. Still, our Kalos has taken us on many of our trips in Malaysia and we really felt 舍不得....

After surviving without a car for 1 year, we bought our current car (Toyota Vios) in 2006 when Gladys is born. This car is definitely much more maintable but never had the chance to drive out of Singapore. Maybe thats it's not as lucky as our first car :p...Nevertheless, it has 'serve' our family well for the past 3 half years taking us all around Singapore.

So here we bid farewell to our 'old' car and looking forward to welcome our new Vios and the Chinese New Year.

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