Saturday, January 09, 2010

~ Casual Weekend Activites ~

It has been a week of getting used to our new routine with Denver going to Primary School now. I'm so looking forward to weekends for a break. Phewwww.

Yesterday evening we took Jasper & Royston to join in our recently new found activity - kite flying. It is their first time experience and there is a big open space where the children can run about freely. Still, I think the cousins enjoy and prefer coming to our home to play the PS3. :p


We went to a couple of places today. Morning was Denver's usual swimming lesson. His coach has asked us to fill up the NASSA Bronze Award Registration form for Denver. Although we are not too sure when the test date will be, it is still exciting for Denver to try if he can pass this Survial test! (More details available at

After lunch, it was a trip down to Takashimaya. We finally utilized our "un-used" Takashimya vouchers to purchase a pair of new shoes for Gladys & also new bedsheet set for the coming CNY.

Evening was a night out at AMK.. There was some performance and the kids went straight to the front of the stage seeing the lady from Japan juggling, making balloons and performing other fun stunts act.

Before heading back home, we stopped by near Anchorvale CC again. Don't be surprise there are still many people flying their beautiful lighted kites in the night sky. Kite Flying has really evolved a lot from the time when I was still a child... From it's design, shape, size and now you can even fly your kite in the night.

Just learned of the following event for kite enthusiasts. Maybe we can pop by and have a look. :p

Event: Singapore International Kite Day @ Punggol and Teens' Day 2010

Date: 30th - 31st Jan 2010

Venue: Punggol Field Walk (vacant field adjacent to Blk 128C)10:00am to 9:00pm

More details:

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