Friday, January 22, 2010

~ Happy 8th ROM Anniversary ~

Hubby & I took the day off from work to celebrate our 8th ROM Anniversary today. (Considering we pass the "七年之痒"? Hahaha) :p It was a Rainy Day, even so, we left our car at Bbil's place and took the MRT instead. We had breakfast @ Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura and nothing beats having some peace & quiet moments together. ^_^

I also get to shop at THIS FASHION for my CNY clothings. (It's really hard to do my shopping if the children are around...) Hubby is very sweet today to wait for me patiently and paid for my 2 tops. He even got me the THIS FASHION membership card (which is more economical). ^_^ THANK YOU!!

Lunch was at Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin hotel. There is a 1-for-1 Lunch Buffet promotion (priced at SGD$38++) for UOB card holders. We didn't make any reservation in advanced and it was fully booked when I tried to call for reservations yesterday. We tried our luck and luckily there are some cancellations and we are in! :)

Service at Aquamarine is very good and it serves a good buffet spread of International Asian food cuisine. There is a sushi bar where assorted sushi & sashimi are displayed and served.

I love the pumpkin soup as it was thick and creamy. :) Very tasty and Yummy. Their seafood are also very fresh. There are so many choices to pick.. we had mutton, chicken, beef, otah, tofu, fish, shells, rice, kwaytiao etc.......
Aquamarine also has a very good spread of desserts to offer... their home make cookies are very tasty too.. Too bad I'm already too full to try all of them.

We went to catch a Movie after a good lunch. Hubby & I always enjoy Jackie Chan's show ever since we are kids. His fighting scenes, actions and stunts never fail to impress us. Even though there are comments that there are lesser actions, lesser innovations and creativity in his stunts & movies, I think it is still worth to watch and it's something that Hubby & I share and enjoy together.

We didn't have any special plans for today nor did we crack our brains on what presents to buy for each other. But just spending personal time together and holding each other hands as we walk has been great!

There are various terms Wedding Anniversary are being symbolised depending on the country.

1年纸婚;2年棉婚;3年皮婚;4年花果婚;5年木婚;6年糖婚;7年手婚;8年古铜婚;9年陶器婚;10年锡婚;11年钢婚;12年丝婚;13年花边婚;14年象牙婚;15年水晶婚;20年瓷婚; 25年银婚;30年珍珠婚;35年珊瑚婚;40年红宝石婚;45年蓝宝石婚;50年金婚;55年绿宝石婚;60年金钢钻婚;70年白金婚;80年钻石婚

Going into our 8th Year together, Happy BRONZE Anniversary Dear!

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  1. congrats to u and beary :)
    Still so loving keke