Saturday, January 30, 2010

~ Home Alone with the Children ~

Hubby went to Muar with my inlaws and friends early this morning.. too bad the kids and I can't make it for this trip due to sickness. Denver was disappointed cos he has been looking forward to go. (No choice ah). Never mind, at least Mommy and Gladys are staying back too.

Denver has been having diarrhea and dirtying the bed for 2 nights now.. I woke up to wash the bedsheets and dirty clothing at 5am plus. Then Gladys vomited her porridge on the sofa and it was another round of scrubbing and cleaning. :(

It's a daunting task to look after 2 sick children especially so when I'm alone and also caught the virus as well. Apart from making sure they have intake enough fluids, I tried to introduce food back little by little... starting with a few mouths of plain porridge.. some bananas and wholemeal bread. So far so good.

The children looked listless and tired... all we did the entire day was resting and watching TV programs. Fever came on and off for all of us and I have been hitting the toilet for at least 4-5 times so far. The stomach pain and diarrhea makes me weak and I can only hope the medicines will be able to last me till Hubby is back from Muar later tonight.

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