Saturday, February 06, 2010

~ Countdown to Lunar New Year! ~

It has been a busy busy day! We have been out whole day and night and you can imagine how tired we were.

First of all its delivering the gifts to my parents, hubby's god parents and other aunties. That already took us half a day....Afternoon is spending our time at Kovan-Heartland Mall. We went to see flowers *again and this time we bought a pot of "Ang Huey" and 金钱树. The afternoon sun is surely very HOT and we all hide in the mall to enjoy the air-condition. Hubby went to have his haircut, I managed to buy 3 more tops today! :D Gladys got a new pair of sandals. Everytime during CNY, we tend to buy buy buy, spend spend spend... 好像不用钱似的。
Later in the evening we took the MRT down to Farrer Park - Citysquare Mall. 93.3FM is having their broadcasting there to celebrate the station's 20th birthday. Hubby's car will always tune to 93.3FM for music and entertainment. It has been keeping us company for many many years. (ever since my childhood too!) It is a rare chance that we get to see all the DJs today whom we often hear their voices over the radio. ^_^ They are a bubbly bunch and they seem to be 上下一心 which bring many joy and laughter to the listeners.

Finally got back home by 10pm .... the children must be very tired cos they went to dreamland within 5mins! I wasted no time and started packing up. Putting 5cent coins into the red packets, tied them up with red strings and hanged it out on our AngHuey pot. It's BEAUTIFUL! ^_^ Decorating and doing spring cleaning for the CNY always keeps me motivated! Although it is a lot of hard work (suffering various cuts, dry and rough hands etc), I always enjoy doing it! That may be the attributes of Virgo. "Perfectionist" and "Detail-orientated" :p I like to see things nicely and comfortably fitted to usher the Chinese New Year! 7 more days! to go!!!! WooooHoooo!!

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