Saturday, June 26, 2010

~ Happy 7th Birthday, Denver! ~

Denver is 7 years old and another good news is it still falls within the school holiday! :) He has been counting down and looking forward to have a good time today.

Since it's his special day, we travel all the way from Sengkang to Jurong East Swimming Complex. Why? Because Denver loves to have fun in the water and there are Water slides, Lazy River, Waver Pool and many more available at the JE Swimming Complex!

We woke up early in the morning and reached the pool at 930am. It's our very first visit and the children are so happy to see the slides and pool. ^_^ (More details on how much fun they had on our travel blog - to be posted later)

After having a great time at the pool and settling our lunch at KFC, we went to IMM. It has been many years since we go to IMM and there are many more shops and resturants. We shopped at Daiso, bought new shoes for the children and they spotted free popcorns and candy floss give-aways. Yummy.....

There are many kiddos rides within the IMM building and Gladys is very busy hopping up and down on the various big and small cars, aeroplanes, boats etc....

Sharing their desserts at Kopitiam

We picked my inlaws and met up with bbil's family at McDonalds @ Compass Point for dinner. The kids love their burgers, nuggets, french fries and cooling drinks. Not to forget the most important thing... Denver receiving his Birthday Present! A gift from Bbil and Bsil. ^_^ This was what he has been looking forward to since morning. :) A new pack of Yu-Gi-Oh game cards. Royston and Denver can now have more battles and challenges at home now. They already planned to do so on Monday. :)

After dinner, it's ICE-CREAM time! Swensons is just opposite and we popped in for Round 2. 

Here comes Denver's Birthday 'cake'. ^_^ Instead of 7 candles, he has 1. :) We all sang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song and see how happy he looked. Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear son. We Love You!


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