Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~ Wedding Dinner @ Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant ~

Just came back from a sumptuous wedding dinner at Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant. We arrived early at the Grassroots' Club which is very near Hubby's office. Of course our good friend, "Ah Bao" looked smart and excited. :) Congratulations to him and really happy and glad that another friend has settled down. ^_^

ROM session start at around 8plus and I thought we probably can't stay long enough since we got to rush back to pick the kids. On the contrary, the service is extremely efficient with the waitress serving the dishes quickly.

Restaurant Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #03-01 (The Grassroots' Club) Singapore 568046

The quality and taste of the food is pretty good. Instead of the usual Shark fin soup, there is Buddha jump over the wall and you can see a full abalone in it. Inside the deep fried yam paste ball there is a scallop inside with a basket of scallop, vegetables on top of it.

I'm not a fan of eating duck meat but the "pi pa" duck's skin is crispy and sweet. Red Grouper on the other hand is average and didn't give me too much surprise.

I love the prawn balls.. crispy and sweet on the outside, meaty big prawns within. YUMMY! The fried rice is delicious and fragrant as well. The finale for every traditional Teochew wedding dinner is their desserts! YAM PASTE with ginko nuts! It's sweet but I would love it even more if it is not so watery. :)

Hubby and I enjoyed the dinner and probably may want to come back and dine again. :)

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