Thursday, July 29, 2010

~ Durian Durian ~

I am having my night teleconference as usual and guess what are the other members of the family doing? Clustering themselves in the kitchen and indulging in their supper - DURIAN! Although I don't dislike the strong smell, I am not a Durian lover. Luckily, the children are like their Daddy and enjoy the fruit a lot. This is one of the things that I am not able to join in with them.

Durian is a seasonal fruit and typically, the season for durians is from June to August in Malaysia and Singapore. (Same as mangosteen)... so usually around this period, we'll see many stalls selling them. Hubby has been 'complaining' that he did not see as many stalls selling Durians this year. The season is almost over and he has not been eating much of it yet. Lucky for them, bbil brought some over last night and I think they are very happy enjoying their supper without Mummy. hehehe

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