Thursday, July 01, 2010

~ PS3 Game - Little Big Planet ~

Recently I found myself getting back to my old hobby..... playing games. It all started since I was young and being the only daughter, I played with my brothers all the time. We played all kinds of games together. Started with handheld games, board games, SEGA, computer games and eventually Playstation. Me and my brothers have played so many different types of games together and it has become our common topic which bonded us together.

After getting married and having kids, my 'gaming skills' have more or less gotten rusty. Time has become very little and too precious.... and gaming is a thing of the past.

During the June vacation, I got the chance to play Little Big Planet online (via PS3) with Brother Owen. It was so fun and really seems like going back to the good old days where we used to play together (although remotely). ^_^  The children also loves to play with 舅舅 since he is so good with the game and can help him grab new stuff. :) They enjoyed the game too since it looks so cute.

Little Big Planet is an old game but very interactive and fun which has won many awards so far. There are many different levels to complete, and you can dress up your little sackboy, design your pod, collect stickers and customes, and joining in a big social community.

Hubby bought me the Little Big Planet (code 1) today! Now I can download free customes unlike the code 2 version which doesn't work. Sounds addictive?? Not so much for me now since I only spend an hour or two after finishing the house chores, settling the children and work (provided I'm not too tired too).

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