Sunday, August 29, 2010

~ Fun @ Playground ~

Hubby's work has been busy lately and there are many weekends where he'll be working. Yesterday, I took the kids to visit their grandparents and we spent the entire day there.

There is a very cool playground near my parents' home. Ironically, Denver & Gladys never get to play in it because it is always noon time when we visit on Sundays. They finally got their chance and I took them down in the late afternoon when the sun is not too hot.

Unlike the usual playground where there are 'direct' steps up to the slides, this one is slightly different. Gladys ran around the playground and couldn't find the steps. "Mommy, how to get up?" I had a looked and actually there are various ladders and bigger steps around. But since she is new to this playground, she played safe and climb up via the slide. :)

But the children are adventurous and they are expert with using most of the facilities in no time. Counting beads, tic-tack-toe, steering wheel, weather cycle chart, telescope, slides and the various ladders are all built-in within a small play area. The children had a lot of fun sliding and climbing up and down, running and screaming. :)

Just across the road, there is another mini playground where the swings are. Gladys stopped immediately and ran to the swings. Swings are my favourite during my childhood days. I love to sit in it and feel the breeze as I swing in and out. Many of my friends can swing so high and it's so fun! Sad to say, not many neighbourhood playgrounds have swings in their playgrounds anymore. I wonder why.. Safety reasons?

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