Sunday, August 22, 2010

~ Grandparents & Grandchildren ~

Denver & Gladys always enjoy going to their grandparents' house. They get to eat a lot and play a lot. My mother always cook a lot of delicious food which I miss. Even a simple scramble egg or a cup of milo taste different. I always have an extra bowl of rice and mum will buy my favourite 咸煎饼 for snacks. After lunch, we usually sit down to chit chat until the kids started to make a lot of noise and seeking attention.

Today, Denver had some lessons with 婆婆 who is trying to teach him Cantonese. :) Gladys on the other hand is only interested with eating and playing with 婆婆.

It's nice to see my Brother dropping by at the right time and we get to see my little nephew who is getting cuter and cuter. :) If only Big brother is here and we can gather all the 4 grandchildren to take a nice photo together.

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