Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~ My 5th Voucher from Sakae Sushi! ~

Yeah, I received my 5th $50 Complimentary Voucher from Sakae Sushi! That makes it $250 worth of dining at Sakae within 9 months (since November last year)! Although I haven't receive any $moola from the nuffnang or google ads (yet) but the dining vouchers are just as great! Below are my winning entries which is also published on Sakae Sushi's blogosphere sorted by month.

Nov 09 - Sakae Sushi - 60mins Lunch Buffet!

Jan 10 - Dining @ Sakae Sushi with the Kids

Mar 10 - Hubby's Birthday Lunch @ Sakae

Jun 10 - Father's Day dinner @ Sakae SushiSakae Welcomes the World 2010

Jul 10 - Casual Dining at Sakae Sushi

We love Japanese cuisine and Denver is always happy whenever Mommy wins dining vouchers at one of his favourite resturant. That motivates me a lot to blog about Sakae (the good and not so good comments). Hoping more vouchers to come even though Hubby always says we ended spending more than the $50 that we won. :p