Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ School closed due to HFMD ~

I just received a call from Mrs Wee, Gladys' teacher that Nativity Church Kindergarten will be closed for the next 10 days due to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD)! Classes to resume on 23rd August. The other time only Gladys' class was affected and her class was dismissed from school for a few days. This time it is the entire school that is closed! Oh my! That means there may be many cases reported already. I certainly appreciate the fact that the school has taken measures and initiative to prevent HFMD from spreading among the young children even though many parents may be affected and have to take leave to look after their children.

The other time Denver and Gladys caught the virus was 2 years ago. We stayed home for 10 days and it was tough to take care pf 2 ill young children. Spending the entire day and night looking after and playing with them. Eventually I caught the HFMD virus too. Hence it is extremely important to be responsible and isolate ourselves from the public since HFMD can spread from person to person by direct contact with nasal discharge, saliva, faeces etc.

More health advisory is available at

At the same time, Denver's fever came back again. He was already feeling much better yesterday, running and playing at home. Unfortunately, he felt cold in the middle of the night and his temperature rises. My colleague's daughters are also having fever and it seems there are many flu/fever cases around recently. Do take care and may everyone stay healthy!


  1. Hi Phoebe, thanks for sharing the health tip. I hope Denver recovers soon. Take care !

  2. My boys also start coughing, after long weekend :)
    Hope Gladys recovers quickly

  3. Hi Rose, thank you for the well wishes.

    Hi Lazyg3r - I have no idea.. i guess it might be more number of cases cos it is the entire school closing. But i'm not too sure.

    Hi Andy, Gladys is well. Only Denver is sick. Hope your boys are ok too. Lately a lot of flu/fever cases oh.