Friday, August 06, 2010

~ Sushi Ginger at Sakae ~

We are back at Sakae Sushi again! hehehe.. Seems like it has become a monthly affair already and there's always something to blog about Sakae. ^_^

Apart from enjoying the yummy food as we are dining, I realised something different today. Usually I'll have some of the pickled ginger as it taste so good and helps to "cleanse" my mouth in between sushi. To my surprise, the usual pink pickled ginger is yellow in colour. It looked like the normal ginger that goes with the century eggs and I started to ponder if it still taste the same. Well, it did... just that I still prefer the pink coloured ones. Hahaha..

Anyway, out of curiosity, I went back home and googled about pickled ginger. According to Wikipedia, pickled ginger is thinly sliced young ginger marinated in a solution of sugar and vinegar and hence it's sweetness. It is known as gari or sushi ginger. Pickled ginger is also said to have many health benefits and one of them is to help destroys the parasites in the body.

The commercially made ones is artificially coloured pink to promote sales whereas the naturally made product is pale yellow to slightly pink hue. Woooooo...Does that mean Sakae is now serving the naturally made ones???! Really cannot judge ginger by its colour. Hahaha (ignorant). ^_^

The other night, we passed by a Sakae outlet (after our grocery shopping) and it was near closing time. I saw an interesting sight that caught my eyes and quickly took a snapshot. :p

It looks to me that the plastic covers are washed and nicely stacked up on the tables and chairs to dry. I thought it was pretty neat as it is similar to how the wine glasses are being stack up - just like those we always see in wedding banquets. Hmmm.. Would the number of plastic covers reflects how many plates of sushi were sold that day/night? :p

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