Wednesday, September 08, 2010

~ 庆中元节 2010 ~

Yesterday marks the end of the Lunar 7th Month (Ghost festival). There is an auction dinner and Teochew opera held near my Bbil's neighbourhood. We all went to 凑热闹 and enjoy another round of dinner and free flow of drinks. The waitresses are very efficient and always make sure our cups are full.

Throughout the dinner, you'll hear the auction going on very loudly. $50!! $88!! $288!! ...... $1000!!! All kinds of items are being taken out for auction. From wine, beer, rice sacks to electronic products, laptops, bicycle etc. Many will bid for the items hoping and belief that this will bring prosperity to them in the year ahead. For us, it is just indulging in the food and drinks plus 'enjoying' the atmosphere of the shouting arises from the auctioning that is going on around us. :)

Not forgetting the traditional Teochew Opera performance at the back. Gladys was feeling bored after sitting by the table for too long. I took her to watch the wayang and surprisingly she enjoys it even though we couldn't quite understand what the play was about. I guess it must be the make-up and costumes that attracted and caught her attention. :)

I wonder how long these tradition and culture will be preserved and how will it continues through to the next generation.

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