Saturday, September 04, 2010

~ Handicraft - DIY Mid Autumn Festival Lantern ~

Denver has an assignment from school - to make a lantern for the Mid-Autumn Festival which is about 2 weeks away. Since he is still down with a fever, we stayed home to make the lanterns.

Materials required : Red packets, paper/coloured paper, stapler, coloured pens, strings and scissors.

The kids drew and colour on the paper while I help them to cut and put the lantern in shape.  For the bigger red lantern, I teach Denver how to fold the red packets and stapler them into position.

These D.I.Y lanterns are very easy to make and the kids will enjoy seeing their lanterns on display. Gladys is posing with the lanterns on behalf of Denver.


  1. Hello. A creative way to celebrate lantern festival.