Monday, September 13, 2010

~ HFMD for the 2nd Time! ~

As much as I hate to say this.... I am diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease for the 2nd time. :( The possibility of adults getting HFMD is low and I can only say I'm just one of those "Lucky" ones that keep getting it. Sob! Sob!

The symptons are the same.. High fever, mouth uclers and blisters on the hand and foot. The anti-viral and flu medicine is making me drowsy and the blisters on both foot is causing some discomfort as I walk. The burning throat and uclers make it so hard to swallow my food. I feel hungry but couldn't enjoy my food. :( I can imagine how difficult it will be for a child to endure this.

It's staying home and away from the office for the next few days. Most importantly, staying away from Denver & Gladys. Gladys will be difficult to manage since she is always calling for Mommy. Sigh.. I do hope this sickly episode will end soon and hopefully I can get a clearance from the doctor this Thursday.

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