Friday, November 05, 2010

~ Family Day Out on Deepavali ~

Happy Diwali and HELLO to long weekend! Yeah! Gladys seems to enjoy posing in front of the camera and never fails to show and remind me her cuteness and girlish nature hidden beneath her rough and boyish front. :)

Earlier this morning, we drove down to Suntec City and watched Legend Of The Guardians - an adventure about owls. The story is about how Soren, a young owl and his brother, Kludd got kidnapped by the Metalbeak owls (Pure Ones) when they fell from their treetop home. Probably due to jealousy, Kludd joins the evil owls while Soren managed to escape in search for The Guardians to restore peace once again. The only thing I feel uncomfortable about this movie is the betrayal of Kludd not only to his younger brother but also to his sister. Parental guidance shouls be adviced and checked on.

After the movie, we went to the Food Safari and Electronics fair held at the Suntec Convention Centre (Level 6) for our lunch. Denver & Gladysmanaged to take some photos with the mascots. :)

Next, it is heading down to Leng Kee Road - SIS Building to check what are the items on sale at the Bossini's Warehouse Sale. Promotion items starts from $3 onwards and the sale will be on from 3rd till 28th November. We managed to grab some polo tees for Hubby and Denver. :)
Then, we window-shop in Great World City, had dinner at Bendemeer market, played PS games at Brother Owen's home and finally stopping by Kovan to buy some groceries before making our way back home! Phew!!

It has been a very long time since we went out for the entire day without going home for a nap. Naturally all of us are very tired and we K.O within minutes. Good Night!

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