Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Drawings - Gladys' Art Showcase - Part 1 ~

It has been 2 half months since Gladys started her drawing and colouring class at the community centre. She has been enjoying her lessons so far and completed 12 drawings. ^_^

Initially I thought it might be too challenging for her to follow as the pace of the lessons are very fast. However, never underestimate a child's learning ability and adaptability. Not only was Gladys able to keep up from second lesson onwards, she had heaps of fun.

These are the artworks that she did using oil pastels and water colours. From lions, flamingoes, bugs to Doremon, fishes, kite flying. There are different theme to draw each week.

On their final lesson for this term, the teacher taught them to draw Santa Claus, Christmas tree and presents. This is a perfect Christmas card. :) Here's wishing everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you & your family too.:)