Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ Father's Birthday Lunch - Part 2 ~

Last Sunday, we had another lunch together with brother's family to celebrate my father's birthday. This time we went to Peng Catering Services Restuarant (亚平)located at Lor 1 Realty Park (near Hougang Ave 3).

I was first introduced to this restuarant through dining with Hubby and his family/relatives. It serves very delicious Teochew food and has always been one of our most frequent dining place during special occasion.

We ordered the $238 10-course set that comes with Longevity Buns, shark's fin soup, fish, chicken, spinach with scallops and others. I enjoyed almost every dish and my personal recommendation would be the cold dish, steamed pomfret and sweet yam! The steamed prawns are very fresh too! There is too much leftover food and we have to packet the chicken, yam basket and noodles back home. :)

Father & Mother enjoys the food as well as the company of the little ones. :) Happy Birthday once again, Dad!

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