Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Primary 2 School Books ~

We went to Denver's school to purchase his Primary 2 books earlier this month. After comparing the pricing at Popular vs Pacific Bookstore, there isn't any major difference in savings. Moreover, our total books & stationary purchase is less than $100. (Thanks to the second-hand textbooks that were passed down by friends and relatives.) Hence, we decided to get all the items from school.

Instead of going on the destinated day for P2 books purchase, we picked a later date in the week since Hubby & I got to work. When we arrived at around 9am, we were first in queue. :) Within 15mins, we completed all our purchase and it has been so much faster and hassle-free.

The current ergonomic backpack which we bought for Denver last year is still in a pretty good shape and hopefully it can last for another term or 2. I would consider that value for money already. :) Still, we bought a same design school bag as a backup (just in case).

I have also labelled and wrapped most of the textbooks and activity books. This time it took me half the time to complete it as I re-used all the old name labels and most of the old plastic sheet wrappers that were used for Denver's P1 books (since the books are almost the same in size).

Generally, I do not like to spend the money to buy the ready-made books cover as it is not economical plus I prefer to wrap them using the plastic sheets which is more lasting. I often find the edge or sides of the book covers torn after some time but plastic sheets don't seems to have that problem. The fact that Denver has always been untidy and rough with handling his books, I'm still able to re-use the plastic sheets covers for his P2 books proved my point. ^_^

Most parents may write the names directly on the textbooks of activity books but I have that weird habit of printing the name out, cutting and pasting it on the books. The bad thing is it is a waste of time and resources, but I find it neater and easier to read. Since I am using the scotch-tape to paste over the label, I was able to remove the label easily from his old books and paste it on his new books. With the reused labels and wrappers, the books still look as good as new.

We are almost ready for a new school term next year. :)

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  1. sometimes I pity the students, the BAGS weigh a ton !