Sunday, January 02, 2011

~ 2010 Christmas Parties ~

This is an outdated post on the parties that we attended during Christmas last week.

Christmas Party @ Steven's house on Christmas Eve.

It was the first time we stayed over at Steven's house past midnight and countdown for Christmas. Denver and Gladys had so much fun with the other children and didn't feel tired at all! Food, drinks, games, toys and Christmas presents!

 Group photo @ the Christmas Party (Thanks to Jefz) :)

Christmas + Birthday Party @ Andy's house on Christmas Day

We went to Andy's house for another Christmas cum Birthday party on Christmas Day. It was Wenwei (25th Dec) and Wenyi (27th Dec) birthday celebration. So nice to have birthday around Christmas season. :)

Everyone is having a good time.

It has also been a long time since we met up with old friends.

The children get along quickly and easily.

Thank you Steven & Andy for the invite and we have a great Christmas week. ^_^

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