Saturday, January 22, 2011

~ 9th ROM Anniversary ~

I have been sick since Tuesday with a bad flu, cough and occasional fever. Went to see the doctor 3 times to get MC and also seeking another opinion since I wasn't recovering well. Due to the persistent cough, phlegm and stuffy nose, my appetite has been pretty dull.

Hubby and I spent our ROM anniversary just like other usual days. Since it happens to fall on a weekend, we were able to take the children out for lunch and dinner. I utilized my final $20 Sakae Sushi voucher which I won in the previous blogger contest and Hubby treated us for dinner at Jack's Place. We have been so busy and preoccupied with work and pre-CNY activities that I am truely grateful to spend our anniversary quietly and peacfully. :)

Enjoying each other's company and being with the family will be my greatest joy and happiness.

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  1. Thanks! Sometimes the everyday thing that we are used to is 'peace' to me.