Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ Astons Express ~

We always see a long queue at Astons Specialities and have long heard about the good review on their steaks. Recently, we saw a couple of Astons Express stalls opened in the neighbourhood coffeeshops and Kopitiam Foodcourt which tempted us to try some of their menu.

Earlier this evening, we went to one of their newly opened outlet at Hougang Plaza and ordered Chargrill Chicken - $5.90, Black Pepper Chicken - $5.90 and Crispy Fried Fish - $6.50 for dinner. (We also get to choose 2 side dishes from a range of selection.)

The chicken and fish tasted alright (no WOW factor though) but it's a pity that the serving looks a bit too moderate. Hubby didn't felt his tummy was filled with the smaller piece of chicken. Nothing much to pick about the coleslaw and baked beans, unfortunately Gladys does not like the french fries (which was a surprise) as it was too salty. I guess the additional salt sprinkled onto the fries has made it less enjoyable.

We were a little bit disappointed but I guess maybe we should have ordered the steak instead. :)


  1. Drooling when looking on those food.. :P

  2. Ya.. looking at food always make us hungry.