Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ Denver can bicycle :) ~

We started the kids to ride on bicycles with training wheels. So far they have been getting used to the pedaling but has not been progressing since the 4-wheeled bicycle is so stable. When we gave one of our old bicycle (without the training wheels) to my bbil, the results have been amazing. Royston was able to ride on the bicycle within a week! I believe the child is ready to learn to bicycle when he has the desire and determination to master the skill.

Hubby and I have been spending some time after work teaching Denver some cycling tips. The height and seat of the old bike is low enough and Denver can have both of his feet touching the ground. Whenever he is scared of falling, Denver can always put his feet down. Initially, we hold on to the the back of the seat when he started cycling. This can be quite straining on our backs and my right arm was having muscle-ache for a few days! Hubby also let Denver coast/scoot down a gentle slope so that he can have a feel of balancing on the bike and took him to a wider open space to learn cycling.. After about 3 weeks of self-learning and practicing, Denver can finally say good-bye to his training wheels and ride on the bicycle too!


  1. great job Denver, my bike still rusting in storeroom !

  2. Time to take out for a ride?