Monday, February 28, 2011

~ It's Test Week Again ~

I have been seriously lacking in updating my blog recently. Many things have happened straight after CNY and I have been struggling with getting my life back on track. The new year didn't start well and I'm hoping things will get better.

The children are in their usual bubbly self making me happy and angry every day. There is also more work and comittment on my end to monitor the children's studies as they progress to K1 and P2. Denver is having his CA1 tests this week. He had his Maths test earlier today, English and Chinese for tomorrow and Chinese Oral on Friday. I haven't been spending as much time coaching Denver compared to when he was in P1. He is spending longer hours in school and having more homework to complete after classes. Play time seems to be getting shorter with all the work but he is lucky that he only has 1 Chinese tuition lesson to cope with.

I'm hoping (as much as he does) for the test week to be over and the children can look forward to enjoying their March holidays.


  1. Nowadays, kids are so much more stressful than my time.

    I remember i can still go play soccer and block catching after school. =)

    Take good care of them and remember, don't give them too much stress, School is stressful enough.

    All the best! =)

  2. Yes.. it sure is. We are looking forward to the coming March school holidays to have a good rest and fun!