Wednesday, March 09, 2011

~ Drama Performances - Ploppy the Penguin ~

Hubby and I took some time off to see the Drama Performances put up by the Primary 2 students. Denver has been preparing with his classmates since a month ago and he is playing the role of Narrator 2 in the play - Ploppy the Penguin.

There are a lot of lines for Narrator 1 & 2 and Mommy has been practicing with Denver every weekend. Luckily our little boy has a pretty good memory and it didn't take him too long before he remembered all his lines.

In the past, Denver has been performing on stage in groups. This is the first time he will be standing before a crowd with so many solo lines in a play. That explains why he started to express his nervousness in the morning. We reassured him that he will do fine and he just needs to do his best which he did. :)

Denver does looked a bit stiff during the performance but I must say everyone did great! The students spoke through the microphone and it was loud and clear. There was good coordination, teamwork and everyone did their part. This definitely attributes to the time spent, hard work and effort every student and teacher has put in for the past month. Bravo! This has also been a good opportunitiy for Denver to display his courage and confidence on stage.

PS: Denver looked so smart in the black and white although he can't help scratching on stage. :)

Ploppy the Penguin - Peformed by students in 2 Charity and 2 Courage

Synopsis - An odd little penguin named Ploppy likes to do things his own way. He does not fit in but he does not seem to mind. He remains friendly and full of confidence. One day, hunters come to Ploppy's town to catch penguins. The whole village is terrified but little do they know that it is Ploppy who will come and save the day.

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