Sunday, May 01, 2011

~ New Playgrounds officially opened! ~

After spending weeks of demolishing and reconstructing, the 2 playgrounds near our block have undergone a major revamp and is officially opened today! How are the new playgrounds different from the previous ones? Denver & Gladys will be doing the evaluation. :)

We head down to the purple-yellow themed playground first since it is the one just located below our block. First observation was there are no direct steps to the slides. To get to the top, you have to pick from one of the various steps to make your climb. Alternatively, children love to climb their way up from the slide. This playground looks more challenging for the younger toddlers but exciting for the adventurous ones.

The second playground which is just a block away is colourful and vibrant. There is a little step at the side and also a pole bridge where the kids love to walk. The ground are brightly coloured and there is a Tic-Tac-Toe too. Both playgrounds have 4 slides but are designed differently. After a quick poll, Denver & Gladys love the Oranged theme playground more. :)

The playgrounds are officially opened by Mr Michael Palmer earlier this evening. Apart from the Lucky draw and games, there are free popcorns, candy floss, lollipops, drinks and balloons! Parents and children are queuing up for their food and pretty balloons. Uncle Clown also appeared and performed magic tricks to entertain the little ones. There is also a game of balloon passing where Denver joins in the fun.

 Balloons, Candy floss, Popcorns, Games and FUN! 

Mommy joined in a long queue before finally getting a free flower balloon for Gladys. The balloons are so pretty and no wonder children and parents are willing to wait.

Denver won a little prize for participating in the Balloon passing game. The game is similar to the musical chair where the child who is holding on to the balloon when the music stop will be out of the game. The final 10 children who managed to stay in the game will win a prize.

Hubby and I are so proud of him not because he won a prize but because we observed that he has been playing the game fairly and being gentle in passing the balloon to the little girl standing next to him. He did not throw or force the balloon into other children hands in the attempt to win. Seeing that truly makes me a happy and proud Mommy and we were full of praise for him! :)

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