Monday, June 27, 2011

~ Handicraft - Sand Art ~

During our trip to Genting last month, we redeemed 2 pieces of Sand Art using the points gathered at the arcade. As soon as we returned, Gladys didn't forget to remind me to do this with her. :)

We finally sat down and spent some time in the evening completing the Sand Art together. Ironically, it was also my first time doing this and I didn't know where to start.

For a start, I peeled the wrong side of the paper out. I also believe I should have started filling up the empty space with the darker sand colours too. The bright pink colour went really nice on the Elephant skin but the problem arises when I start to put the darker blue and green on the picture. It 'stained' the lighter pink area and made it looked darker.

The end product wasn't too bad but the most important thing was Gladys enjoying herself 'playing' with the sand and mixing it. :)

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