Friday, July 22, 2011

~ Late night @ Courts Raya Carnival ~

It's FRIDAY! Hubby and the kids picked me up at my work place and we went straight to the Singapore Expo for the Electronics and John Little fair. Didn't manage to grab any stuff except 10 pairs of school socks for Denver.

We drove off to IKEA for our dinner while Gladys played at Smaland. Spent some time at Giant and then popped by Courts to check if there are any cheap deals. Since last week, the Raya carnival has been on-going with a lot of activities.

We came in just on time for another round of supper! Not only there are free assorted Malay Kueh to choose, free popcorn, candy floss, kacang puteh are also available. Gladys was just in time to get a nice fish balloon and the kids had fun at the ball game stations.

Earlier we missed the cheap DVD deal during the 8:45pm hourly special. Since Hubby needs to get a DVD player for my inlaws, we waited patiently for the next round of hourly special which starts at 10:20pm.

While waiting, we roamed around the store and had more free kueh. Heavy stomach and tired feets. Nevertheless, the wait was worthwhile as we finally managed to purchase the Philips DVD player at $35. ^_^ More attractive deals, goodies and fun activities will continue through the weekend.

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