Monday, July 11, 2011

~ Where's my Invitation Card? ~

Since last week, Gladys has been telling us that she is going to her classmate's birthday party in a hotel at Sentosa. Hubby and I got so confused by her statement that I gave her teacher a call this morning to seek clarification.

Indeed, Gladys' classmate will be celebrating his birthday in Sentosa but there was no official invitation yet. He got so excited that he told everyone in the class and that got Gladys extremely excited too! Gladys' form teacher helped to explain to the class that you will need an invitation card in order to attend the party.

When we got back home earlier this evening, Gladys very much assumed that she will have the invitation card (from us) and get invited. You can imagine how upset she was when we explained to her that the card needs to come from her classmate's parents and there isn't any concrete plans that she is going to get invited.

After many conversations and persuasion, Gladys still does not want to give up and decided to get her invitation card from her classmate pro-actively. Not only that, she even suggested to have her up-coming birthday party in a hotel! We are not obliging to her requests nor setting up her expectations.

Sometimes, it may be best not to tell the young child on party or travel plans in advance. We had a similar experience with Gladys when she over-heard that we will be going to Genting and she got so excited and broadcast this to her teacher and classmate for a couple of weeks!

It's good to bring out the good news, however, we will also need to manage expectations that may comes along the way.

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