Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ Goodie Bags Sourcing ~

It's that time of the year.... Preparation of goodie bags for our little girl to give to her classmates in school. Unlike the previous years where Hubby and I spent more time buying miscellaneous items and  packing everything together. It's always a struggle to think of what to buy and put them in the bags (especially the type of snacks and sweets). This year, we decided to try and find pre-packed goodie bags for the first time.

There are a couple of goodie bags selection available on the website with various price range that parents can choose from. We picked one set (comes in blue or pink) and ordered the amount required online. Hubby picked up the items directly to avoid delivery charges and everything is done swiftly without much hassle.

Pre-packed Goodie Bag from http://bagagoodie.com/

We spent about $47 for the 30 packs and they are packed nicely. Although the actual size is smaller than what I have expected (as seen on the webpage), The package looks nice and cute. I guess the downside is the children didn't get to pack the goodie bags themselves but that really saves a lot of time from our end. :)

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