Sunday, September 04, 2011

~ Paint A Smurf @ NorthPoint ~

Thanks to Andy, our family had the opportunity to join in the Paint A Smurf contest at NorthPoint. Upon entering, Denver and Gladys were given a smurf figurine and a paint set each. They'll get to paint and design their own smurf. :)

Daddy and Mommy helped them to hold the smurf, mix the colours and paint those difficult corners/edges while the kiddos paint. We have 30 minutes to complete painting our little smurfs and the top 5 smurfs who got the most cheer will win a prize.

Time is short but we managed to complete it. :) Denver named his smurf as "Messy" while Gladys likes her smurf as "Pretty".

 Now it's time for the verdict. Which smurf will get the most cheer?

Gladys has been a good sport as she cheered for all the other smurfs loudly. For her great cheerleading effort and big-heart, her Pretty Smurf wins a Prize! ^_^ Denver also helped us won 4 tickets to watch The Smurfs movie!

Each family gets to bring home a goodie bag consisting of a box of Oreo cookies, a complete set of Smurf magnets and a Smurf boardgame! We are really grateful and enjoyed the time together at the event.

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