Friday, October 26, 2007

~ Health Screening + Shopping ~

Slept early last night and woke up at 5 plus in the morning. I need to collect some stools for the stool test. So, I had bananas and papaya yesterday. As I sat comfortably in the toilet, I finally poo... Relief! :) I normally poo daily... but the idea of "you must poo" really stressing. :p

I arrived early at the clinic (before 830am).. still, there were already people queuing. Make registration at the counter and took my urine test. Then, I sat quietly at a corner flipping old magazines.. "Grrrouuuu"'s from my stomach. I have been fasting since 10pm last night. No food... no drinks.. :S really Huunnngrrrryy.... 915am. Finally, I was called to go for my height & weight measurement, eye test, blood test, ECG etc. Then I heard someone saying..

"The radiographer is sick today. No Xray at the clinic"....

This is my unlucky day! :( Now I can't go to the clinic downstairs for xray.. Sobz.. After being reviewed by the doctor, I travelled all the way down to Orchard building to have my xray taken instead. 1115pm.. I finally complete my health screening... Really tiring but.. it's SHOPPING TIME! Must fully utilize my day off. Even if it's only half a day..

Hmmm.. where should I start? I seldom go shop around and am not familiar with Orchard at all! So, I headed for the nearest shopping mall - John Little.. bought a pair of shoes there ($15.90). Then I walked down to Robinson.. a lot of nice, expensive dresses... Tried on 2 dresses, not bad...but it's too pricy. 1pm. The weather is super HOT! Hungry again..Time to eat and I had a Whopper meal at Burger King (Revenge!). Next stop - THIS FASHION (@ Mcdonald House). Spent about an hour there. Tried many shirts and dresses.. and finally bought 2 shirts ($57)

My phone starts to ring... Hubby just completed his exam (prepared to fail) and called me to meet him at Suntec Convention Centre for the Malaysia Tour Fair Exhibition. This time round, the exhibition is of a smaller scale compared to the previous occassion. I am not very keen looking at the promotions. (partly also because I am tired). 4pm. It's getting late.. we headed for Carrefour and sweep a dozen cans of Gain IQ and 2 cans of Grow. Why? Because there is a 10% rebate offer for today only! :) More than $300 of purchases we have here... but looking at it in a long run, it is great savings especially since milk prices has been soaring! 5pm.. we left and headed home...

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