Monday, October 29, 2007

~ New Phone + Promotion Lunch ~

My New Phone - K770i
My mobile plan is no longer under contract and so I upgraded my phone last saturday - Sony Ericsson K770i (Sandy Beige). Hubby saw the promotion on the papers and encourage me to sign up for it at the price of $128.

The new phone is slim, light and the specs are definately better than my K750i. The very basic things I look out for a phone is having a camera, radio, easy to use messaging functions, the look and feel and most important of all... the price. :)

This phone seems to fit in all and I'm happy..

Promotion Lunch

Today I went for my promotion lunch @ Plaza Market Cafe (Raffles the Plaza) together with the rest of my colleagues who were promoted this year.

The food there is really good.. just the look of it makes me super hungry! There is a salad counter, selection of main courses and 'live' cooking with chefs whipping up soups and laksa! Slurppp.. Of course, not forgetting my favourite... SALMON SASHIMI!!! and the deserts! Movenpick ice-cream and I guess the most popular dish of the day was Durian Pengat....

Had so much food.. Satisfied...

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