Monday, October 22, 2007

~ Mini Farewell 'Party' ~

Although our official office move to Tuas is next month, we had our mini farewell party today just before the other teams start to move out. Heard from Cat that it will be a nice, high-class tea buffet.. She warned us not to have heavy lunch in case we can't eat later. Anyway, I did not have my breakfast and was very hungry...ordered Japanese Terikayi Chicken set at the market for lunch. Yummy..

Monday blue.. no mood to work.. ahhahha.. waiting for the tea-break to start.. The caterer arrived at around 2pm and the buffet was set up by 230pm. Had a quick peek and the caterer was from Purple Sage! High class indeed.

The buffet spread includes "Crepes Roll with Salmon, Deep Fried Tom Yam Chicken, Sauteed Escargot with Cream Sauce, Tempura Prawn, Japanese Breaded Fish Finger, Mini Samosa, Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter, Mango Pudding" and more.. its $20 per pax. OOooooh

Each of us also received a red envelope. I thought it was a voucher. :p Anyway, it's a 'Golden' coin to celebrate APHH earning it's first billion dollar. Looks like a chocolate coin :p I wonder how much it's worth.

I had my fill and had very little for dinner.. all the finger food earlier were deep fried... and I am starting to feel the heat.. :(

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