Tuesday, October 09, 2007

~ Till we (eat *opps) meet again ~

Donuts seems to be Singapore's new food craze after bubble tea, pork floss bread, coffee loti, Beard Papa etc.. Many new shops have opened and long queues can be seen everywhere. There are many different kinds and variety of donuts to choose from.. but it's kinda pricy and I really wonder what's the x-factor that is making people crazy over them. Personally, I do not have a chance to taste the donuts (cos the queue is just too long - even off peak hours!)

Today I finally got a chance to taste the donuts specially air-flown from Philippines (thanks to Leo). It had a similar concept with the ones we have here. A dozen of them and it cost only $4. I can imagine the same box could cost more than $10 over here. The taste is .... sweet.. very sweet. A pity that it is cold.. I guess it will be tastier if it is still hot and crispy. :p Anyway.. the smell is really strong.. and after a while, I started to feel uneasy and full... :p

9th Oct... the first batch to leave the ISAP office is Francoise team. :( Clarissa and the group is moving to the "Batman" building (@ Parkview). Sad..... Janet, Andrea and I had our farewell teabreak for Clarissa at Starbucks. We chit-chatted and took photos ... The IS group is splitting.. sighz.. While making my way out of the office, I saw a huge poster newly pasted on the wall... "The Big Move"... "7 weeks more to go... Have you packed?". It's going to be our turn soon... Counting down...

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