Wednesday, October 10, 2007

~ Toilet Revamp! ~

For 5 years, we have been scrubbing the toilet floors.. it's a tiring chore and the tiles just get darker and dirtier.. All the dirt and dust stuck in between the lines within the tiles.. Black and hard to maintain.

A year ago we saw Xtoria Marketing putting up stalls at different shopping malls promoting re-furnishing of toilets & kitchen floor using sediment system. The samples and effect looks good.. There are a variety of colours to choose and most important of all, it seems the maintainence and cleaning is easy.. We were really tempted... However, due to the high cost, we did not take up the offer back then which was much cheaper.. :( Just a couple of months ago, we saw the same promoter again at Hougant Point and the price of doing 2 toilets have increased to $950.... and for 2 toilets and 1 kitchen it's $1.6k! Thanks to the 7% GST.. This time we set our minds and put a $50 deposit.. (anyway, we can change our minds if we do not want to do it later :p hehehhe)....

Recently, hubby had an opportunity to dismantle the glass shower screen in the master bedroom (for the safety of our kids) . We are finally ready to do up our toilets! The contractors came yesterday and it took them the whole day to complete the job. We were told not to enter and wet the toilets for 6 hours.. hmmm.. 6pm the toilets are done.. so it means we can only use it after 12 midnight! AHhhhhhhhh... I told my hubby..

"Denver and you can use container... Gladys got diaper... Me howww?????" :(

Luckily, my hubby brought me clothes to change and I bath at my bro-in-law's place. Since we have no toilets to use.. we will just have to utilize the ones at Compass Point.. :p Went late night shopping.... just trying to waste time.. and finally headed back home around 9pm.. (Of course we all went to the toilet before returning.. hehehhe).. I just need to endure another 3 hours! hahahah..

The after effects looks good! The bad side of it is I couldn't close the Master toilet door.. and the floor seems to trap more water.. Other than that.. it's good! :D I sure hope it will make my toilet cleaning days easier and happier! Less effort and water... Afterall, it cost us $950!!

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