Monday, November 12, 2007

~ 累 ~

It has been an exhausting weekend... Gladys had a high fever on Saturday night... It's a good thing I discover it early when I felt that her hands are extremely cold. I knew something was wrong and true enough she is running a temperature. I quickly ask hubby to feed her medicine and for the whole night and morning, I have been carrying her in my arms. She felt like a fire ball! So Hot! I am feeling the heat too.... I did not have a good night rest as I have to monitor her temperature just to make sure her fever does not go too high..As she has been coughing and vomitting, I carried her to the living room to rest instead.

Whenever I try to lie her down on the mattress, she will cry. When I try to sponge her with a wet cloth, she will also cries.. Both of us could not sleep well.. 1am...2am...3am...tick tick tick... I think for some moments I knock out for a couple of minutes... 4am...5am...6am... She finally goes to sleep for awhile... It's morning.. and I am totally exhausted.. Hubby took Denver for swimming lesson at 8 plus... I am left home alone with Gladys to continue sleeping....but not for long. She woke up at 930am.. where I start to feed her porridge... The rest of the day continues with most of the time carrying and playing with her... By noon, I could no longer take it.. especially after my lunch. I have to ask hubby to look after them instead while I try to catch a couple of minutes rest...

Gladys is better today... still coughing though. Personally I have not recover from my cough too. This week is going to be hectic.. There are meetings, dry run in Tuas on Wednesday, work issues to settle and night teleconferences. Sighz..
Going to catch my beauty sleep now...

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