Friday, November 23, 2007

~ Bye Bye - Concourse ~

Finally... after a couple of months of preparation, discussion and packing, today's our final working day at the Concourse building. It is my 3rd year here and I kinda miss the place.... no more waking up late, no more good range of food selection during lunch, no more shopping, no more checking out of party goods and so many more......

Today is a very busy day! Everyone is doing their final packing and there are boxes everywhere. I helped Catherine with the collection of keys. She wanted them to be pasted on the drawers together with the master keys.. Taking the keys out of the rings are tiring.. after releasing over 40 of them, my nails start to break.. although I do not keep long fingernails, it is still painful after a while. sobz... Only manage to complete 3/4 of the area on the 34th floor..

Lunch time!!! We all went to the Japanese restuarant at Concourse for our final lunch. I was very hungry... ordered a saba fish set. Nice.. :D My stomach is fulled and satisfied so now back to work! I have to engage Andrea, Sookiat and David's help to finish the job after lunch. If not, I definitely cannot complete it by the end of the day. We were busy taking the keys out, cutting and pasting. At around 4 plus, we are finally done. Phew.... It's definitely a good exercise for me! I can feel my legs aching now... hopefully I still have energy to look after the kids at the chalet tomorrow. :p

Our office's Auntie will not be continuing her service with us when we relocate to Tuas... so today is also the last day I'll see her... I missed her too.. She has been a loving and caring person. Being a cleaner is not an easy job... I can truly understand because my mother has been a cleaner for all her life. I wish her good health and have a blissful life ahead.

Before I leave the office, I had a final look at my cubicle.. New cubicle is awaiting me.. but I am not at all excited.. Sighz.. As I took my usual path to and fro from work, I took an extra look at the surroundings. It's going to be a very different look and feel when I go to Tuas... no high rise buildings, lesser cars, fewer crowds... Bye Bye Concourse.

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