Saturday, November 24, 2007

~ Changi Chalet and T3 ~

6am... Gladys woke up rather early today. I can't even sleep slightly longer.. Only had a more tiring day packing yesterday and today my legs and body is aching.. 太逊了,真没用。:(

We set off to SAF Changi chalet and reached there around 10am. The living room, kitchen and toilet is very big! The 2 bedrooms on the second floor are also very spacious. Brother-in-law bought us breakfast and after that we headed to visit the Terminal 3 Open house in two cars!

The kids were very excited.. Eileen is busy taking photos with her mobile phone. I'm sure she will be blogging this on her blog. There are still some minor construction work around the area and there isn't any shops open yet. Although it is a weekend, there isn't a lot of people. Hubby purchased the $1 tickets and we headed towards the departure hall gate. Next time, we'll have to purchase air-tickets in order to enter.. so this is a good chance to bring everyone for an mini tour. There are a lot of greenery around.. Trees, flowers, indoor pond with fishes... There will also be a Butterfly garden! Everything looks and smells so new.

Gladys is extremely happy today.. She loves aeroplane... and we brought her to have a closer look at them.. Well, she may not remembers it... but at least she enjoys it this very moment.. :D Every Open house tour tickets came with a lucky draw coupon. The lucky 50 winners will win a complimentary T3 Swatch watch. We drove back to the chalet after having some drinks and food at McDonalds. I'm tired.. :p Nap Time!

Woke up at 3pm... Gladys is still sleeping. Must be the air-con... it's so cooling compared to the hot weather outside... we are so cozy on the bed. :p I really hate to pull myself up! No choice... have to wake Gladys up for her meal.... It's work time! I managed to have a short break in between to play a quick mahjong session with my sister-in-law, her sister and Eileen's mum. :p Actually, I don't really know how to play.... only observed my hubby played a couple of games and pick up from there. I have very little practical experience. Since no money is involved.. they are very accomodating.. especially since I am really slow.

We brought the kids home after the BBQ. All of us were very tired.... Felt really unlucky these 2 days.. My Blackberry's buttons are not working well... and worse of all, I wanted to watch some TV program and the TV is damaged after I switched it on for awhile! The screen turns black and into a single bright line... :( Bad Luck! What can be worse?? Hubby later told me he had a car accident on Wednesday which he did not tell me until now....... paid $400 for the damages.

I do feel kinda sad... There are many things happening around the house... I guess hubby is already very troubled and frastrated... No luck for him at the lottery for the past 2 years, and now we have to pay for the damages on the car and TV. But come to think of it, it is a blessing that he is well and there are no injuries. There are always up and down in our lifes... most important of all is we are all healthy, safe and happy. Cheer up Dear... I'm sure somehow, things will work out. We just have to work harder.. :D

I just pray and hope that we have a good, safe trip on our on-coming vacation to Malaysia. Maybe a trip overseas can help to change our luck for the better. Even if it didn't, I hope the family has a happy trip together...

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