Thursday, November 08, 2007

~ Gladys @ 13th months ~

It's Deepavali... Holiday... No work... it should be a relaxing, happy day... However I don't feel the holiday mood at all. Awaken by Gladys at around 7 plus.. It is just like another day to me.. Feed, bath, do housework... The good thing is I finished my weekly mop and chores and can have more rest on Saturday. :)

Gladys is acting like a "fireball"... Her temper is getting really bad (worse than her brother).. whenever we say "No" to her.. she'll cries very loudly and her tears will starts to fall like rain. She does not gives in easily too.. Even though she is still a 13 months baby, she has great strength and may not lose out in a snatching game with a 2 years old boy. Yup! My mil is helping to look after a 2 years old boy and many times I got feedback that Gladys can really 'protect' her stuff well and does not lose out in grabbing stuff. Amazing huh!

It is also a challenge to put her to bed lately because of her fussy temper.. Things that she does not like or wish to do, she will shake her head. (getting clever huh).. It is time to start teaching her some manners before she goes out of bounds! I wonder if it is really true when people say the cleverer the children, the naughtier they will be... ???

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