Sunday, July 06, 2008

~ Jimmy's Wedding ~

Oh yar.. Forgot to update that Barry, Denver and I attended Jimmy's wedding last Saturday.. hehhee... Apparently, the one week training course has exhausted me that I only manage to post it now.. :p

Gladys stayed at my inlaws' place, and I can finally enjoy my dinner in peace. :p I manage to find a new set of shirt for Denver and he look really smart in it. :D Looks like a big boy....when he is only K1.

We arrived at the Hotel (Holiday Inn Park View) rather early... It was kinda bored waiting.. hehehhe. Luckily, we brought along the PSP and Denver manage to pass some time with it. We also took time to have a couple of photo shoots.

The dinner started around 8 plus and the food came rather fast. Had a glass of red wine.. and it is rare that we stay through the whole wedding banquet which ended around 11pm.. Jimmy is one of Barry's old buddy and we are happy that he finally settle down.. (meaning one less angbao to give during CNY... Hahahahaha. *joking* :p).

We reached home around midnight after picking Gladys and they fall asleep while I stay up to wash the clothes and cleanup. Only manage to sleep after 1am and was really tired the following day.. I hope I can stay through Andrea's wedding in September.. Question is whether Hubby can manage the kids.

Haven't really figure out what to wear on that day as well. Hmmmm... but it's really exciting cos almost 5 tables of colleagues and ex-colleagues will come. Including Jasmine, Janet, Catherine, Sookiat and more.. It's going to be a FUN night!!

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