Monday, July 07, 2008

~ Happy Sunday ~

It's late... but I wanted to spend some time online writing on the things I felt today.

As usual, we went to my parent's place for lunch after Denver's swimming lesson. Always love to go back to have a taste of my mum's cooking. I usually skip breakfast and had 2 serving of rice during lunch. :p I missed her cooking and even though she still nags a lot.. I do miss seeing her. I like to see my brother too.. just knowing how each other is doing and getting along helps so that we don't drift too far apart.

Had a good afternoon nap and manage to sleep through till 5pm. We had sushi for dinner and went for a walk at the new Kopitiam and NTUC at Buangkok. The evening is cooling and so peaceful... Denver was cranky for awhile as he wanted to play some games at the game stalls (but we do not have the coupons). Anyway, we bought him ice-cream to cool him off and he played at the playground.

Drove in to Anchorvale CC to check out if the construction of the swimming pool has complete... and was glad to see that it has! :) I wonder when will be the opening ceremony. Denver was so excited when he saw the pool with slides.. WOW.. It's always nice to take an evening stroll... especially with the kids.

Tomorrow.. Uhh.. I mean today is Youth Day. That means no school for Denver. Hubby planned to take him and his cousins to the Movies to watch Kungfu Panda. I loved to join in too... but was not able to apply for leave at the last minute. Afterall, I was away for the past week and work is piling. I'm going to miss going with Denver on his 1st movie trip.. which is a shame. :( I hope he will enjoy the show and be good.

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